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Leadership Presence

First Person

Profound Impact

“The CEO, CFO, Vice Chairs and so many others are still buzzing about how impressive it was…it was the delivery and presentation that blew them away.”

–Laurie, Executive, Banking Industry


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Leadership Presence

The Issue

Are You Getting Results with Your Leadership?

  • When leading meetings or employee gatherings, do you have command of the room?
  • Do you make the best impression every time?
  • Do your employees and colleagues believe in you—and what you say?
  • Can you share insights that have a profound impact on others?

Senior Executives and Leaders in the Making Take Leadership Presence from Bergerac

We help managers evolve by deepening their authentic leadership skills through focusing on and harnessing the power of body language, communication and influence to instill authority, credibility and action.

Leadership Presence teaches verbal communication skills such as expressiveness and the importance of brevity; tips for crafting and delivering dynamic, engaging messages; and ways to connect with others to inspire action and results.

You Learn. You Lead. Change Happens.

What to Expect

Leadership Presence Results

  • Demonstrate credibility
  • Gain trust
  • Exhibit authentic presence
  • Articulate convincing messages
  • Invite participation
  • Understand and enrich paralanguage


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